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PART 2 of "ghostock" covention pictures..
we went to investigate the "1853 fronthouse", it was haunted by a family, and the owner George has seen shadow people there and heard strange things coming from his room. anywho we were there a few hours and although i didnt see anything, on the night vision camera that Marlinda was using she caught to orby things flying into a lady that was trying to get the ghost to show up by communicating with them. we still have to edit the video for the internet.

me and steve from ghost hunters again

the van of some other ghost hunters

me and Patrick -the guy who hosts the tv show "haunted evidence"

our case packet

steve and some chick named dusty

my badge

the outside of the front house

the hallway in where the orby things were


where george heard something evil

the stairs

marlinda sees something


me in the shadows

george's mom

george on the left and his friends/lovers


me or a ghost

jason scared

Hilda she was assigned to be on my group, she talked to the ghosts


oh no

joey in the dark

hilda setting up

george scared

marlinda not scared

bill and hilda (we didnt really know them), jason, marlinda, Julia, joey and the owner of the house George and his dog.

me watching

ahhh the 1853 fronthouse
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George's dog look haunted
his tits were, he had tittys and we called him "tits mcgee"