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[25 Feb 2007|11:54pm]

more daytime pics from the haunted retardation center. we filmed part of a movie there today and did some ghost hunting on the side.
click here for more ghostly picsCollapse )

karl, phillip, jason, and scott looking spooky

[07 Feb 2007|04:12pm]

PART 2 of "ghostock" covention pictures..
we went to investigate the "1853 fronthouse", it was haunted by a family, and the owner George has seen shadow people there and heard strange things coming from his room. anywho we were there a few hours and although i didnt see anything, on the night vision camera that Marlinda was using she caught to orby things flying into a lady that was trying to get the ghost to show up by communicating with them. we still have to edit the video for the internet.
click here to see moreCollapse )
me watching

ahhh the 1853 fronthouse

[06 Feb 2007|09:04pm]

PART 1 OF our trip to Savannah GA. for the ghost hunting convention "Ghostock"

we stayed at a haunted Bed and breakfast...ooooo scarey...
click to see where we stayedCollapse )
hobbs end horror

[15 Jan 2007|03:49pm]

also im going to this in Savannah GA. in Feb. this shit looks hot

haunted [15 Jan 2007|03:46pm]


all the haunted mill picsCollapse )
"Roswell Mill - The old Roswell Mill is very uneasy as far as hauntings go. During the day, even if it is sunny outside and in the middle of summer, when one drives up to the mill, the temperature drops and it gets dark the closer you come to the main building. At night one can hear screams and cries from the women workers who were sexually assaulted and killed by soldiers. A gray haze covers the area at night."

click here for all the Insane Asylum picsCollapse )
this fucking place was nutz...
"Insane Asylum - You will walk in rooms with no windows and feel a cool breeze come across your body. There is a morgue in the basement and at sometimes you can see dead ghosts lying in the morgue trays. You hear footsteps walking down the 3-floor building steps, and can feel presence behind you. This is the all-time best place to go to if you want to be frightened."


[25 Aug 2006|10:22pm]

New episodes of A HAUNTING on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/P, and they will be showing repeats at 8:00pm

1.Demon Child: In Kentucky, Jan and Dale Foster's 6-year-old son Cody starts talking to an imaginary playmate. As the weeks progress, Cody's behavior becomes erratic. His sudden outbursts make Jan wonder if there is a correlation to Cody's new "friend." When she questions Cody, she learns that his constant companion is the ghost of a murdered little boy. Cody's deviant behavior escalates, and Jan suspects that something more sinister is at work. A Native American shaman gives Jan the tools to rid her house of a demon that seems dead set on possessing her son's soul. In the end she must confront the evil entity alone.
Premiere: Aug. 10, 2006

2.Sallie's House: Young and in love, a Kansas couple move into their first home. They are expecting their first child, but they don't expect what happens next. Soon after the baby's birth, lights begin to turn on, candles light themselves, and toys and dolls move on their own. The ghost of a girl named Sallie warns them of an evil spirit lurking in the shadows ...
Premiere: Aug. 17, 2006

3.Ghost Soldier: When Lisa Wilson finds a photograph of a soldier killed in the Vietnam War, she becomes obsessed with a man she's never met. She is convinced that the dead soldier, named Michael, is haunting her — stalking her in her own home. When her two young daughters see Michael in their bedroom late one night, Lisa realizes that her fears are real, and seeks help from a psychic, to put Michael's soul to rest.
Premiere: Aug. 24, 2006

4.Where Demons Dwell: The year is 1980. Debbie Glatzel and Arne Johnson are about to start a new life together in a new home in Connecticut. When Debbie's 12-year-old brother David helps them with the move, he has a terrifying encounter with an old man who has hooves for feet. Eventually, the old man transforms into a horned demon and begins to stalk David and the others. David is often punched and thrown about by this unseen entity. The situation escalates as the demon repeatedly possesses David for short periods of time. His possession is confirmed by a priest and a team of paranormal investigators. David becomes more and more violent and must be exorcised to save his soul.
Premiere: Aug. 31, 2006

5.House of the Dead: Thirty-six-year old Billy Bean is unable to put the strange and tragic events of his childhood behind him. In an effort to get some closure on the unspeakable torment he and his siblings endured, he agrees to tell his story on a local radio show, grasping for any clue as to what caused the rapid destruction of his family 20 years earlier in Glen Burnie, Md. The story begins in 1970, when 7-year-old Billy moves into a new home with his parents, Patricia and Bill, and his siblings, Patty and Bobby. Everyone is happy in the home until a series of paranormal incidents start to plague the family. Within a few years, Patti, the eldest, flees the house. Billy's father becomes an abusive alcoholic and also vacates the house, leaving his mother to care for Billy and his younger brother Bobby. As life in the house continues to unravel, Patricia becomes the focus of relentless physical attacks by the entities. When nothing works to rid the house of the evil spirits, the family's only option is to leave the house, never to return.
Premiere: Sept. 7, 2006

6.Hungry Ghosts: The Bishops are an affluent, well-educated American family. They don't believe in ghosts ... until they move into a mansion in rural Taiwan. As they try to adjust to their new surroundings, Candace Bishop begins to see spectral lights out of the corner of her eye. Soon after, her teenage daughters hear unexplainable footsteps and voices inside the house. They fear that they are being stalked. After the family members finally share their experiences with each other, they turn to a Taoist Catholic priest for help. He explains that the house was designed, according to Chinese beliefs about feng shui, to empower the spirits of the dead and torment the living.
Premiere: Sept. 14, 2006

7.Dark Forest: In the mid-1970s, Clara Dandy and her family move into a farmhouse in rural New York, eager to escape the pressures of city life. But their new home quickly begins to test their courage. A haunting begins with strange chanting sounds in the nearby woods. Soon after, family members see ghostly figures inside the house, and realize that something supernatural is trying to drive them away. The family calls on a psychic, who explains that many people have died in and around the house over the past 100 years. He fears that the spirits may be too powerful to fight.
Premiere: Sept. 21, 2006

[20 Apr 2006|04:26pm]

Most Haunted's Derek Acorah talks about sam in this clip, Sam is his spirit guide to the dead.
a Most Haunted-spoof hahaha

Haunted! [19 Apr 2006|08:46pm]

Allatoona Battlefield....

More pics...

Joey....I mean what can I say

The return of Swamp Foot

Boo BooCollapse )

Allatoona Battlefield [17 Apr 2006|01:42pm]

This weekend we went to Allatoona Battlefield..
they say you can hear Gunshots, voices, strange orbs of light, ghost train. Orbs of light by old grave of unknown Confederate soldier have been reported. Temperature drops about 10 degrees in old train bed. Also gunpowder can be smelled.

***THREE of our people saw what looked like a man walking back in forth in front of us.

click here for more chostly photosCollapse )
ghost in the woods

me in infrared

[03 Apr 2006|04:04pm]

who watches any of these jams?

Cranston, R.I. — Debbie presents a case involving children Cody and Desiree, who allegedly woke up to something tugging their bed sheets and hurling toys around their room. Patricia, who lives with the children, shows Jason and Grant where a man hanged himself and reports hearing her door rattle in the night and seeing a man at the top of the stairs and at a window. Desiree tells Jason and Grant that a girl ghost wants to play with her.

Thursday, Apr 6 9/8c on the WB.
SUPERNATURAL-Something Wicked
Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a small town in Wisconsin where children are falling into comas for no apparent reason. The brothers discover that a witch is creeping into the bedrooms of the children and stealing their "life force." While battling the witch, Dean recalls a past mistake that almost cost Sam his life at the hands of the very same witch, an event which has fueled Dean's protectiveness over Sam and his blind obedience to his father

FRIDAY, APRIL 7TH 9:00PM (travel channel)
MOST HAUNTED-Whaley House, California
A former family home was once the site of a torturous execution. Who still roams the creaking floors and will these restless souls welcome the Most Haunted team?

FRIDAY, APRIL 7TH 8:00 PM OR 11:OOPM (travel channel)
Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns-Bedford
Bedford is the river-side county town of Bedfordshire, situated near London, Oxford and Cambridge. Derek goes to the nightclub New York New York as the staff have reported strange sightings and noises in the place.


[28 Mar 2006|05:32pm]


[20 Mar 2006|11:38am]

this past weekend a few of us returned to "THE DEVILS TURN AROUND" to finish our investigation there.

THE STORY : Devil's Turnaround - Large objects will be thrown if set on ground, orbs, lightning, mist, very cold winds, shrieking, kids laughing, chanting, yelling, screaming all around a bad place to go. People have come back and had large bruises and fang marks on legs, upper arms, wrists and necks. Crucifixes, prayer, holy water only make whatever is there mad. If you go, wear no crosses or anything Christian like. Weekends are the worst time.

WHAT WE EXPERIENCED: a few of us saw a shadowy figure walking around in front of us, and there were super cold spots.

WHEN WE GOT HOME: I filmed the whole thing (that i will hopefully post soon), now on the tape you can hear a moaning sound on it, its clear and spooky, because none of us heard it while we were there, its only on the tape.

here are a few pics from the grave yard


[24 Feb 2006|03:39pm]

TONIGHT on the travel channel, 10:00 pm (also most haunted at 9:00 pm)

Derek Acorah's new show starts called GHOST TOWNS. He left most haunted to start his own show..
here is the link to his new web site


[28 Jan 2006|03:05pm]


[18 Jan 2006|10:05am]

a new horror movie about THE BELL WITCH. I have heard about the bell witch ever since i was little
the true story its based onCollapse )
trailer here.
also more on the real story here

[11 Jan 2006|01:08pm]

If you aint watching this show then you are missing out on all the action suckas.
heres an LJ that talks about the show

no i didnt make this banner. haha

[06 Jan 2006|09:52am]

on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL---fridays at 10:00pm

A HAUNTING is a chills-filled, six-part series, chronicling the terrifying true stories of the paranormal told by those who experienced real-life horror tales, airing on Discovery Channel, Fridays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

here are some clips of upcoming shows
Episode Guide

Haunting Tales to Come!!!

Hell House: A family buys their dream home — a 19th-century farmhouse — in rural Connecticut, only to suffer violent attacks under strange circumstances. As evil lurks, a world-renowned team of psychic investigators is called in to determine what is present ... and what it wants.

The Haunting of Summerwind: On the shores of West Bay Lake, Wis., a loving family meticulously restoring a home becomes prey to a supernatural presence that drives a husband to the brink of homicidal madness.

Echoes From the Grave: Convinced that buying a historic home is a dream come true, a family soon learns they're being threatened by unseen forces in a haunting that becomes increasingly intense — and suggests their house is actually a way station between life and death.

Cursed: Drawn to an abandoned home in Tucson, Ariz., the new owner feels like she was always meant to be there. But, nightmares and wake time mix and merge, threatening the woman's sanity and posing the fearful possibility of making contact with the other world.

Darkness Follows: The diabolical, psychic link between a killer and his victim permeates a recently-renovated Montreal townhouse, and the new owners realize an unhappy ghost and the spirit of a coldhearted murderer are trying to sever family ties, past and present.

Lake Club Horror: In 1974, a one-time Springfield, Ill., dance hall and gambler's paradise is transformed into a rock 'n' roll nightclub besieged by phantom music, inexplicable blasts of cold air and an ominous warning that one of the new owners is about to die.

salem [10 Nov 2005|04:50pm]

DURING halloween this year, me and a few others went to SALEM, MASS.
we went to a lot of witchy type things and took over 400 photos.
nothing wierd showed up in any of the photos, except for these photos that were all taken at a witch musuem, which used to be an old church.
click here for the other photosCollapse )

[26 Oct 2005|04:57pm]

here is the video footage of the spook the ghosthunters caught on last weeks show. pretty spooky.
click on exclusive case file video (midway down on the right side of the webpage)

Royal Derwent - Ghost Photo [23 Oct 2005|02:09am]

Hello to all. For those who may or may not already know, I am researching The Royal Derwent / Willow Court complex - an old, abandoned mental asylum in New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia. Over the next 12 - 18 months, I hope to make an independent documentary.

I just wanted to share a photo from our most recent trip. It was taken through a broken window looking into one of the wards. The camera I used was a Cannon EOS 300, a 400 speed film and the flash was used.

Have a look at the glass panel, second from the left. I have also included a close up of the "face".

Pitures are under the cutCollapse )

If you would like to know more about the project and don't already have me on your friends list, please visit royalderwent

I also have a website - http://www.royalderwent.biz


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