thebenreilly corporation (thebenreilly) wrote in ghostech,
thebenreilly corporation

is the wolf camera main lab haunted?
popular theory in the lab says so.

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sometimes when i'm sitting at the desk i was sitting at to take this photo, really early in the morning when i'm the only one there, sometimes i think i see someone walk past me here AND/OR standing in that doorway just to the left.

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this doorway i almost always see what looks like someone looking out of it and it feels like there is someone watching me from the inside.

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i saw some lady sitting in this chair one morning. i was the only one there.

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ahh the chemical hall. it is not really the end of the hall that gets you, it is the room at the end of the hall.

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the room at the end of the hall. always cold. and i ALWAYS either see shadows or feel staticy type feelings in this room.

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word around the water cooler is that some guy was changing paper in this dark room a few years back and as soon as he went through the revolving door in the back corner he dropped dead. i did some digging around and asking question. one lady who has been there for twenty years says it;s a true story. heart attack and died on the spot. he was also no more than twentyfive years old.

so, other stories are as follows.
lady worked there for a while. left for health reasons. died a month later. some employees reported seeing her there a few days after she died BEFORE they found out that she had died.

older man worked for the company for years and was friends with everyone there. hung out in the chemical hall all the time. left to work for delta. died six months later from a stroke or heart attack or something.

does wolf camera have stories to tell? that's up to you to decide.
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