January 27th, 2005

Haunted Pasture

I live in Idaho in the valley that Sacagawea came from, Europeans came and moved/killed all the natives and then settled the area.
We have 53 acres of land, 50 of which we keep 11 of our 17 horses. The large pasture is across the street from our house, it has a creek that runs through the centre with several smaller tributaries. When I first went down the steep hill to the creek, I was riding my horse who refused to move more than 15 metres closer to the water. She was spooking at nothing that I could see, or sense. I left feeling wary and told my sister of the incident. She told me of a similar feeling she had while down in the pasture. Later I was riding with a friend and the same thing happened again.
My younger sisters were down by the creek for a picnic with friends when they ran screaming from the pasture. They left all their food and dished down by the water and I was later sent to retrieve them. While I was picking up the dishes I felt something watching me and had the distinct impression that I was to leave, immediately. Talking to my sisters later, they described what they saw. They said a wolf lives by the water, with large fangs. It has two horns, the right one being much larger than the left one. It was coloured the red of a fox.
The first horrible incident happened when I found my mare with a large slash across her chest moving down her front right leg. She needed 15 stitches to repair it. The vet wrote it off as an incident involving barbed wire. Okay, so we scoured the property looking for stray wire and old fences because the land was sectioned off over a 100 years ago. We found some fencing, but nothing that looked like it could have caused that much damage. We removed it.
One week later Charisma, a very large Morgan horse was found standing at the fence with flesh ripped off the back of her leg. Her bone was visible due to the amount of muscle she lost. The vet told us it could have been a wolf or a large dog. I understand wolves can take down large elk, but it seemed weird to me that they wouldn't have finished off the horse. It also seems odd that such a large horse would have been singled out for prey when there were much smaller horses in the herd. The horse is still healing after 3 months, but the injury seems static.
Two weeks later, April another Morgan draft horse dropped dead. She was found by the gate with blood coming out of her nipples, mouth, nostrils and eyes. There were no outward injuries.

Nothing has happened there for a couple of weeks. I recently went down to the area by the water that none of the horses will drink from and tried to take to pictures. I could only stay there for a short amount of time because it felt as if I was being watched. My pictures came out, but to no avail.

A few nights later I had a dream that I was riding my horse parallel to the property. I headed into a canyon where the creek originates. The dream was very real and open and the same time clandestine. I woke up screaming and saw some kind of animal standing at the foot of my bed. My father came into the room and turned on the light. He asked me what happened and I explained. He expressed his concern and said he felt the presence in the room.

I have not been down to creek to investigate but I have tried to ride my horse further into the canyon but there has been a fog in the valley for the last couple of days that prevents good visibility. I am very apprehensive of this situation and I would like to investigate it further, but I am unable to find anyone courageous enough.

Does anyone have any advice how to approach the situation and investigate? How do I keep such a malevolent force from dictating my actions? Or is this all coincidence and chance?

Once I figure out how to upload things I can show you the drawing my sister did of the "wolf" and I can also post the pictures I took.