June 26th, 2005

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Not really sure if these are "orbs" or what but *shrug*.
Went to a graveyard near my house with some friends because we were bored one night and all broke. I'll get the address, apparantley it's quite a popular place because on this visit we met a large group of people going there to see if they could stir some shit up just like us. The Graveyard is called Devils Turn Around by everyone around here. It's rumored that if you go there alone and toss an object in the graveyard in and wait the object will get tossed back out at you, the only time this has worked is when a friend of mine tossed a coke can in and i threw it back out at him. We also brought a video camera but the video hasn't been edited and it's basically us making lude, prejudiced comments but i'll post it when we get it anyway. We didn't see anything surprising, one guy there peed on a grave and had an unidentified animal bite him in the pants twice (no kidding), a friend of mine who was with us said last time he went alone he caught "wisps" on a video and this picture was taken there earlier this year on a night with no fog:

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