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[04 Aug 2005|10:49pm]
why go ghost hunting when you have ghosts right in your own bedroom. as most everyone in this community knows- i live in an early 20th century high school turned into lofts. its gorgeous huge bldg, and totally chilling just to walk down the halls....

tonight i had a ghostly sighting, not even more than 30 minutes ago. i had just cut my own hair in the bathroom off of my bedroom and was vacuuming up all the debris. out of the corner of my eye i saw someone walking towards me out of the bedroom- assuming it was just eddie my boyfriend getting up to go to the kitchen cause i woke him up from vacuuming i casually turned to look at him but just as he quickly walked past the bathroom door and out of the bedroom. i turned off the vacuum to go ask him if he could fix the back of my hair for me, and as i walked out of the bathroom there he was- laying face down in the bed still. it literally made me freeze in fear.
i walked over to him and asked him to wake up, and told him i just saw a ghost. his response our fearless ghostech community leader: without even raising his head from the pillow said "it was just the balloon" tied to the chair 8 feet from the doorway where someone walked towards me, and then pass me. since he wasnt interested in my encounter, id figure id share it with everyone else.
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