tina treason (goddessat3am) wrote in ghostech,
tina treason

back in jacksonville, fl, there was a haunted school where we used to go ghost hunting, called school #4. it had been an elementary school but closed down for unknown reasons. the building was condemned, and was slated to be converted into lofts. construction was postponed indefinitely (a sign announcing the lofts as "coming soon!" has been up for close to 15 years now). the rumor around town is that the company can't raise the money to begin construction because no one will invest in the haunted property.

everything was boarded up, but my friends and i pulled off one of the boards and went exploring regularly. we recorded several strange things on tape: the sounds of dogs growling (when the tape recorder was left in an empty room), a high pitched keening noise, and approximately ten minutes of tape that can't be accounted for (it comes in the middle of a recording, between two reference points that couldn't have been more than two minutes apart, and the sounds on the tape are loud crashing and banging noises).

almost every photograph taken in the school has orbs in it. unfortunately my computer crashed since the last time i visited the school, and i only have one picture left from inside.

notice the two faint orbs at the top of the photo towards the left.
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