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White Noise.....

Ok I am the kind of person who believes in signs and if signs come in 3's I really pay attention. Now this may be a mere coincidence but I thought I would post it anyway...

If anyone has seen White Noise you will know what I am talking about. This movie has seem to follow me in my everyday life.After seeing the movie, parts of the movie are showing up. Let me explain, three different events happened to me this week that pertains to the movie.

1. I work at a car dealership in the service department. When a service adivsor writes a ticket on your car it's handed to me. The compliant on this particular ticket was odd, ticket was written like this "Car has a white noise sound when driving around 65mph" it was suppose to say "Car has a whistling noise when driving around 65mph" Ok this could be looked at like this, a spelling mistake possibly, but the word sound should not have been in the sentence. When putting the word sound in the correct sentence it didn't make sense. I thought it was weird and passed it off.

2. I was getting ready this morning for work with my t.v on . I had my hair flipped in front of my face drying it when I heard the t.v. make a skip sound in the signal. I looked up and the t.v. had a split with the signal, it was part vh1 and part static, like in white noise. Freaked i grabbed the remote and flipped the channels and it never changed. I switched the t.v. off. That has never happened. We do have cable but not satallite t.v. I passed it off again and turned the t.v. on. Ok this is where it gets to weird. Their is a commerical on t.v. with Dan Ackrod, he is promoting cable tv instead of satellite. He steps into a room where a little girl is staring at a tv with static like in white noise or that seen from poltergiest.What are the chances that commerical would come on after I turned the tv on. Sounds unbelievable but it happened. I didn't put this together until I got to work and number 3 happened.

3. Another ticket was written and handed to me with the name Rosa Baxter.(When I use the term "written" for a ticket, I mean printed out by a computer, not handwritten) That is the name of the Lady in the White Noise preview that says "I will see you no more" This was written yesterday, again I didn't think anything about it, until this morning when I came in and written on the ticket was " I will see about doing this but I have more to do." ok we don't handwrite on tickets because we use a computer to type in anything. We do have a paper copy that's printed with what the advisor types up. After that it's stored away and no handwritting is on the ticket. This ticket was laying on my desk the words I, will, see, and more were underlined. What the fuck! That's wierd. I questioned the tech who did that and he replied that he didn't have any paper next to him and grabbed the first thing he could to leave me a note. Why did he underline those particular words? He said he meant to underline the entire sentence but his pen skipped and it only underlined some of it. Ok this could be looked at like this, why that particular ticket? It was filled away and not the first thing someone would grab for a quick note. Second the tech who wrote the note wasn't working on this car. Why did his pen skip and only those words underlined?Weird

Maybe I am looking into this to much but it was just strange to me.When things happen in 3's I always look into it. All coincidence I'm sure but it all happened after seeing the movie. What if after seeing a movie things begin happening you can't explain, like in The Ring. What if a ghost is trying to talk to me through service tickets at work, hahaha but what if. Something was strange about it all. Coincedince I'm sure. Maybe a sub concicence reference to the movie when things happened but I thought it was worth a post.

Purple Ghost
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