i_cantmydarling (i_cantmydarling) wrote in ghostech,

I just joined this community...I've got a pretty weird story to ask you guys about, that I've been curious about for a while..here it is..

A year or so ago, my friend (and neighbor) Emily and I were in Maggie's (my sister) room (the basement). Maggie and I had just painted it so Emily wanted to see it, she was leaving a note for my sister on her whiteboard when we heard the door upstairs open then close. We walked upstairs to see who had just entered and it was Maggie. The conversation went like this:
Me: "Hey maggs, Emily and I were just checking out your room..but we're going to go to her house for about 30 minutes and i'll be back home.."
Maggie:"that's fine, i'll be in my room listening to music.."
Emily: "i love the new paint job its awesome!"
Maggie went downstairs, we heard the stereo blast on and left for Emily's house..30 minutes later I come home to my mom and Maggie sitting in the living room talking. I said "hey mom", Maggie said "Oh, so you're not going to say hi to me?" i said "well I just talked to you 30 minutes ago" she said "No, I just came home with mom, I've been here for under 5 minutes." I freaked out, I couldn't figure out what had happened... Neither my mom or Maggie would believe me, so I called Emily in tears..eventually they were convinced that I was telling the truth, but none of us has been able to explain it..

I've asked plenty of other people what they think might have happened...now obviously my sister is very much alive..so that cancels out the chance that it was her ghost...however, my father died in this house when I was 7, and it's been theorized that it was him taking the form of my sister, so it wouldn't scare me...I didn't come up with that one, and I dont know if that really makes sense to me..So...If any of you have ANY idea what happened, i'd LOVE to hear your thoughts.. thanks!

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